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The system developed in this study uses a Turkish text as input, and after the implementation of a sequence of procedures the summary results accomplishing the target sentence length. The study has been specialized to obtain more significant results for the articles on economic matters. We converted the context of all papers into HTML documents to provide(More)
Word sense disambiguation is necessary or at least helpful for many natural language processing applications. This paper deals with the feature selection strategies for word sense disambiguation task in general for all types of words in Turkish language. There are many different features that can contribute to the meaning of a word. These features can vary(More)
As abstract systems have become more sophisticated, natural language processing systems have been one of the most interesting topics of computer science. Because of the contributions of Turkish to computational applications and the language's rich linguistic properties, Turkish studies are approved in linguistic theory. This study presents a Visual Basic(More)
Acquired periungual fibrokeratomas are benign fibrous tissue tumors and are considered as the topographical variant of acquired digital fibrokeratoma. They usually present as solitary tumors. In some instance, the entity may appear in multibranched fashion. The main histopathologic features consist of acanthosis, thick collagen bundles mainly oriented in a(More)
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