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Given a finite set K, a Boolean linear map on K is a map f from the set 2 of all subsets of K into itself with f(∅) = ∅ such that f(A∪B) = f(A)∪f(B) holds for all A,B ∈ 2 . For fixed subsets X,Y of K, to predict if Y is reachable from X in the dynamical system driven by f , one can assume the existence of nonnegative integers h with f(X) = Y , find an upper(More)
Sensitivity is an important complexity measure of Boolean functions. In this paper we present properties of the minimal and maximal sensitivity of the simplified weighted sum function. A simple close formula of the minimal sensitivity of the simplified weighted sum function is obtained. A phenomenon is exhibited that the minimal sensitivity of the weighted(More)
The generation of liquid crystal display waste is becoming a serious social problem. Predicting liquid crystal display waste status is the foundation for establishing a recycling network; however, the difficulty in predicting liquid crystal display waste quantity lies in data mining. In order to determine the quantity and the distribution of liquid crystal(More)
We consider the problem of finding a fully colored base triangle on the 2-dimensional Möbius band under the standard boundary condition, proving it to be PPA-complete. The proof is based on a construction for the DPZP problem, that of finding a zero point under a discrete version of continuity condition. It further derives PPA-completeness for versions on(More)
Generalizing the idea of viewing a digraph as a model of a linear map, we suggest a multi-variable analogue of a digraph, called a hydra, as a model of a multi-linear map. Walks in digraphs correspond to usual matrix multiplication while walks in hydras correspond to the tensor multiplication introduced by Robert Grone in 1987. By viewing matrix(More)
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