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Let (K,+, ∗) be an odd order presemifield with commutative multiplication. We show that the set of nonzero squares of (K, ∗) is a skewHadamard difference set or a Paley type partial difference set in (K,+) according as q is congruent to 3modulo 4 or q is congruent to 1 modulo 4. Applying this result to the Coulter–Matthews presemifield and the Ding–Yuan(More)
Using a class of permutation polynomials of F32h+1 obtained from the Ree–Tits slice symplectic spreads in PG(3,32h+1), we construct a family of skew Hadamard difference sets in the additive group of F32h+1 . With the help of a computer, we show that these skew Hadamard difference sets are new when h= 2 and h = 3. We conjecture that they are always new when(More)
Genetic association analysis was applied to examine the effect of the Na+/K+-ATPase beta 2 subunit (ATP1B2) gene on rectal temperature, milk traits, K+ levels and Na+/K+-ATPase (NKA) activity in the red blood cells of 1001 Chinese Holstein cows under normal and heat-stress conditions. We detected two novel single nucleotide polymorphisms, G2258A and C2833T,(More)
In this paper, we study ternary monomial functions of the form <i>f</i>(<i>x</i>) = Tr<i>n</i>(<i>axd</i>), where <i>x</i> isin \BBF <sub>3</sub> <i>n</i> and <i>Trn</i>: \BBF <sub>3</sub> <i>n</i>rarr \BBF <sub>3</sub> is the absolute trace function. Using a lemma of Hou, Stickelberger's theorem on Gauss sums, and certain ternary weight inequalities, we(More)
BACKGROUND Progressive cerebral infarction is one of the leading causes of high disability and lethality for stroke patients. However, the association between progression of BP changes and cerebral infarction is not currently well understood. METHODS We analyzed the dynamic changes in the BP of patients with acute ischemic stroke and explored the(More)
To examine the effect of Clusterin (CLU) on mastitis, genetic association analysis was applied on mastitis and milk production traits of 1,137 Chinese Holstein cows. We detected two novel single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), G+15781A in the seventh exon and C-994T before 5′-upstream region (UTR) of CLU gene, found five TATA box, one CpG island and more(More)
Path planning is a fundamental method in solving mazes or moving robots traversing through open fields with obstacles. Q-learning method is a model-independent reinforcement learning method, which can be utilized in path planning optimization for robots in a multi-robot collaboration system. However, the efficiency of the traditional Q-learning algorithm is(More)
In this article we generalize a theorem of Benson (J Algebra 15:443–454, 1970) for generalized quadrangles to strongly regular graphs, deriving numerical restrictions on the number of fixed vertices and the number of vertices mapped to adjacent vertices under an automorphism. We then use this result to develop a few new techniques to study regular partial(More)
The states and actions of the robots in uncertain environments are continuous, which will easily lead to the problem of slow learning speed and the combinatorial explosion issue of the reinforcement learning. Ant colony optimization (ACO) is an evolution algorithm based on swarm mechanism that takes full advantage of the pheromone mechanism to simplify the(More)