Zeyang Xia

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The "robotic-assisted liver tumor coagulation therapy" (RALTCT) system is a promising candidate for large liver tumor treatment in terms of accuracy and speed. A prerequisite for effective therapy is accurate surgical planning. However, it is difficult for the surgeon to perform surgical planning manually due to the difficulties associated with(More)
PURPOSE A three-dimensional (3D) model of the teeth provides important information for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Tooth segmentation is an essential step in generating the 3D digital model from computed tomography (CT) images. The aim of this study is to develop an accurate and efficient tooth segmentation method from CT images. METHODS(More)
— Navigation is one of the key issues of biped robot, especially in complicated and uncertain human-living environment. There have been challenges for ensuring the stability, efficiency and security of the biped navigation system. In this paper, a framework utilizing sampling-based footstep planner is proposed for the simulation of the biped navigation.(More)
— This paper intends to create a simulation of ma-nipulator and illustrates the methods of how to implement robot control in a short time. Here we complete the grasp and place mission using Gazebo virtual world and Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS is a distributed framework that is widely used in robotics. Considering the advantages of its easier hardware(More)