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—A parallel manipulator is naturally associated with a set of constraint functions defined by its closure constraints. The differential forms arising from these constraint functions completely characterize the geometric properties of the manipulator. In this paper, using the language of differential forms, we provide a thorough geometric study on the(More)
—Dynamic control of constrained mechanical systems, such as robotic manipulators under end-effector constraints, parallel manipulators, and multifingered robotic hands under closure constraints have been classic problems in robotics research. There have been numerous treatments on modeling, analysis, and control for each class of problem. In this paper, we(More)
—Planning a proper set of contact points on a given object/workpiece so as to satisfy a certain optimality criterion is a common problem in grasp synthesis for multifingered robotic hands and in fixture planning for manufacturing automation. In this paper, we formulate the grasp planning problem as optimization problems with respect to three grasp quality(More)