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Expressing logic functions in terms of Reed-Muller expansions is preferred in some communication circuits for its certain advantages like lower power dissipation. This paper presents a power estimation model for Mixed Polarity Reed-Muller (MPRM) logic circuits from a probabilistic point of view. It is mainly used in combinational circuits under the(More)
Pulse-output genetic circuit owns the advantages of stability and high accuracy. In this paper, we design a pulse-output multi-index monitor genetic circuit for breast cancer. We first design a single-index monitor circuit. When a certain tumor marker's concentration exceeds the positive criterion, the circuit will output a pulse as warning. Since the(More)
Pulse-output genetic circuit networks have the advantages in stability and accuracy. In this paper, we analyze some important parameters in a typical inverter, and then design a pulse-output genetic circuit of breast cancer signal communication and monitor of breast cancer signal. We first design a single-index monitor circuit. When a certain tumor marker’s(More)
This paper presents a security mechanism using hardware monitoring to protect the program's execution on embedded system. Mainly, three types of information are monitored: code's basic block checksum, execution time of code's basic block and the beginning-ending addresses of code's basic block. This information is extracted from the target program through(More)
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