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Compared to Multilayer Neural Networks with real weights, Binary Multilayer Neural Networks (BMNNs) can be implemented more efficiently on dedicated hardware. BMNNs have been demonstrated to be effective on binary classification tasks with Expectation BackPropagation (EBP) algorithm on high dimensional text datasets. In this paper, we investigate the(More)
Recent improvements in content-based video search have led to systems with promising accuracy, thus opening up the possibility for interactive content-based video search to the general public. We present an interactive system based on a state-of-the-art content-based video search pipeline which enables users to do multimodal text-to-video and video-to-video(More)
We report on our system used in the TRECVID 2014 Multimedia Event Detection (MED) and Multimedia Event Recounting (MER) tasks. On the MED task, the CMU team achieved leading performance in the Semantic Query (SQ), 000Ex, 010Ex and 100Ex settings. Furthermore, SQ and 000Ex runs are significantly better than the submissions from the other teams. We attribute(More)
The large number of user-generated videos uploaded on to the Internet everyday has led to many commercial video search engines, which mainly rely on text metadata for search. However, metadata is often lacking for user-generated videos, thus these videos are unsearchable by current search engines. Therefore, content-based video retrieval (CBVR) tackles this(More)
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