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Plant-specific GRAS transcription factors play important roles in regulating growth, development, and stress responses. Castor beans (Ricinus communis) are important non-edible oilseed plants, cultivated worldwide for its seed oils and its adaptability to growth conditions. In this study, we identified and characterized a total of 48 GRAS genes based on the(More)
MicroRNA-375 is involved in many types of alimentary system cancers. Our previous studies showed that microRNA-375 was significantly down-regulated in carcinoma tissues compared with para-carcinoma tissues, which strongly indicates that microRNA-375 might suppress the occurrence and development of colorectal cancer. However, the mechanism underlying the(More)
Monitoring biomass over large geographic regions for changes in vegetation and cropping patterns is important for many applications. Changes in vegetation happen due to reasons ranging from climate change and damages to new government policies and regulations. Remote sensing imagery (multi-spectral and multi-temporal) is widely used in change pattern(More)
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