Zewei Zheng

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Orf virus-encoded protein 002 (ORFV002) inhibits NF-κB signaling pathway by decreasing the acetylation of NF-κB-p65 through interference of NF-κB p65's association with NF-κB p300. However, the precise mechanism of how ORFV002 interferes with the NF-κB p65/p300 association is still unknown. Due to similarities of the amino acid sequences of ORFV002 and the(More)
—Nonlinear dynamic model of a high-altitude unmanned airship, expressed by generalized coordinate, was built. A nonlinear compensation was introduced into the control loop to linearize and decouple the nonlinear system globally. In view of the imprecisely known inertia parameters of the airship, an adaptive law was proposed based on the feedback(More)
Orf virus (ORFV), a member of Parapoxvirus, has evolved various strategies to modulate the immune responses of host cells. The ORFV-encoded protein ORFV002, a regulator factor, has been found to inhibit the acetylation of NF-κB-p65 by blocking phosphorylation of NF-κB-p65 at Ser(276) and also to disrupt the binding of NF-κB-p65 and p300. To explore the(More)
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