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The present study was undertaken to evaluate the effects of soybean varieties on content of anti-nutritional factors, growth, and nutrient digestibility in rat. For this purpose, the content of trypsin inhibitor and lectin was firstly measured in five soybean varieties. Then sixty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into six groups and fed on different(More)
This study was developed to provide further information on the intestinal barrier permeability and the tight junction protein expression in weaned piglets fed with different levels of soybean agglutinin (SBA). Twenty-five weaned crossbred barrows (Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire) were selected and randomly allotted to five groups, each group with five(More)
Soybean allergy represents a health threat to human and animals. Glycinin and beta-conglycinin, the main storage proteins in soybean, have been identified as major food/ feed allergens. The present study was conducted to investigate the disappearance of immunoreactive glycinin and beta-conglycinin in the digestive processes of piglets. Twelve crossbred(More)
The nutrient composition of pasture, voluntary intake and digestibility of diet ingested by goats grazing on an introduced Leymus chinensis pasture were measured across spring (May), summer (July), autumn (October) and winter (March). In each season, 12 Inner Mongolian Cashmere goats (6 wethers and 6 does with an average live weight of 22.2±1.3 kg and(More)
Nitrogen (N) deposition has been steadily increasing for decades, with consequences for soil respiration. However, we have a limited understanding of how soil respiration responds to N availability. Here, we investigated the soil respiration responses to low and high levels of N addition (0.4 mol N m(-2) yr(-1) vs 1.6 mol N m(-2) yr(-1)) over a two-year(More)
The nutritional value of feed proteins and their utilization by livestock are related not only to the chemical composition but also to the structure of feed proteins, but few studies thus far have investigated the relationship between the structure of feed proteins and their solubility as well as digestibility in monogastric animals. To address this(More)
β-Conglycinin, a major seed-storage protein in soybeans, is one of the primary antigenic proteins responsible for soybean-meal hypersensitivity in weaned piglets. The protein is a heterotrimer composed of subunits α, α' and β. It is currently unknown which of the β-conglycinin subunits are allergenic for piglets. The aim of this study was to identify(More)
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