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A broadband passive frequency tripler using an accumulation-mode symmetric MOS varactor (SVAR) in 65-nm bulk CMOS process is demonstrated. The measured output power (P<sub>out</sub>) is &gt;-15dBm over a 57GHz band. This tripler incorporating an on-chip patch antenna operates at frequencies between 390 and 456GHz, and achieves a peak Effective Isotropically(More)
A fully integrated CMOS receiver for mm-wave rotational spectroscopy is demonstrated. The receiver consists of a sub-harmonic mixer based receiving front-end which down-converts 225-280 GHz RF input to 20 GHz intermediate frequency, a 20-GHz AM demodulator followed by a baseband buffer amplifier, and an 122-139 GHz local oscillator chain which is comprised(More)
An 840-GHz Schottky diode detector is integrated with an analog lock-in amplifier in 130-nm bulk CMOS. The integrated lock-in amplifier can support a modulation frequency of up to 10 MHz with a gain of 54 dB, a dynamic range of 42 dB, and an input referred noise of less than 10 nV/&#x221A;(Hz) at modulation frequencies higher than 100 kHz. The integrated(More)
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