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Temporal lobe epilepsy is known to be associated with hyperactivity that is likely to be generated or amplified in the hippocampal formation. The majority of granule cells, the principal cells of the dentate gyrus, are found to be resistant to damage in epilepsy, and may serve as generators of seizures if their inhibition is impaired. Therefore, the(More)
The distribution, morphology, synaptic coverage and postsynaptic targets of calbindin-containing interneurons and afferent pathways have been analyzed in the control and epileptic CA1 region of the human hippocampus. Numerous calbindin-positive interneurons are preserved even in the strongly sclerotic CA1 region. The morphology of individual cells is(More)
Laminar multiple microelectrodes have been developed to sample cortical and hippocampal activity in animals. If these measurements are adequately co-registered with the anatomy of the region, they can yield important information about its function and structure. In vivo laminar electrophysiological recordings from the human epileptic hippocampus are rare.(More)
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