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While many remote sensing and GIS applications require both the spatial resolution and spectral resolution be high, image fusion, or in other words, image sharpening, is a useful technique. To date, numerous image fusion techniques have been developed. However, some undesirable effects such as modified spectral signatures and resolution overinjection are(More)
In this paper, we have made two improvements in region growing image segmentation. The First one is seeds select method, we use Harris corner detect theory to auto find growing seeds, through this method, we can improve the segmentation speed. The second one is growing rule. The homogeneity criterion usually depends on image formation properties that are(More)
In this paper, we proposed a new adaptive content-based localized watermarking algorithm for remote sensing images based on DWT, which adaptively embeds corresponding watermarks into the local regions of the remote sensing image instead of the entire one. In order to improve watermarking capability against attacks in the frequency area, we selected some(More)
- In the process of image mining for robot vision, concept analysis is an important technique. The paper proposes a novel framework of image mining for robot vision based on concept lattice theory and cloud model theory. Concept lattice reflects the process of human's concept formation with mathematical formal language. Cloud model is a transformation model(More)
Considering the noise problem of multi-spectral images and SAR, several image noise models are described in this paper. The idea of non-negative matrix factorization and rough set are used to carry out the fusion experiment. Non-negative factorization is a matrix factorization method in the restrictive condition which all elements are non-factorization. The(More)
How to effectively detect and identify permanent scatterers (PS) from SAR images is one of the crucial procedures in PS interferometric system. In this paper, a new method of PS detection is presented by using the wavelet multi-scale Product and wavelet modulus maxima according to the PS targets’ features and the characteristics of speckle noise in SAR(More)
Future Research on Application of GPS/GIS/RS for Farmcrops Temporal Arrangement Deren Li , Zequn Guan & Xiufeng He To cite this article: Deren Li , Zequn Guan & Xiufeng He (1997) Future Research on Application of GPS/GIS/RS for Farmcrops Temporal Arrangement, Geographic Information Sciences, 3:1-2, 1-6, DOI: 10.1080/10824009709480488 To link to this(More)