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This paper describes our participation in the NTCIR-12 Temporalia-2 task including Temporal Intent Disambiguation (TID) and Temporally Diversified Retrieval (TDR) subtasks. In the TID subtask, we extract linguistic features from the query, time distance features and multinomial distribution of the query n-grams which are then combined using a rule based(More)
In addition to user-generated content, Open Educational Resources are increasingly made available on the Web by several institutions and organizations with the aim of being re-used. Nevertheless, it is still difficult for users to find appropriate resources for specific learning scenarios among the vast amount offered on the Web. Our goal is to give users(More)
Curated web archive collections contain focused digital content which is collected by archiving organizations, groups, and individuals to provide a representative sample covering specific topics and events to preserve them for future exploration and analysis. In this paper, we discuss how to best support collaborative construction and exploration of these(More)
In Social Science research, multimedia documents are often collected to answer particular research questions like: “Which of the aesthetic properties of a photo are considered important on the web” or “How has Street Art developed over the past 50 years”. Therefore, a researcher generally issues multiple queries to a number of search engines. This activity(More)
Anomaly detection is one of the major areas of research with the tremendous development of computer networks. Any intrusion detection model designed should have the ability to visualize high dimensional data with high processing and accurate detection rate. Integrated Intrusion detection models combine the advantage of low false positive rate and shorter(More)
Querying forms a central part of dealing with data. Hence, it becomes imperative to have efficient data structures and query-search algorithms for data retrieval. Among the different types of data structures, in this paper, we have focused on 4 tree data structures. These are B, Kd, Range and Quad trees. We have made a comparative study of their build(More)
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