Zeo L. Jiang

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Multiple forms of muscular dystrophy are due to the absence of cytoskeletal muscle proteins that normally protect the integrity of muscle cells. The lack of any adequate treatments for these devastating diseases propels research toward the development of strategies for gene delivery to skeletal muscle. High-capacity adenoviral vectors (HC-AdV) devoid of all(More)
With the development of Information Technolo gy, distributed integrated system of PDM and CAPP has being focused on by many researchers. To enhance the security access control ability of the integrated PDM and CAPP system, an operational model based on attribute certificate with roles was made. It can prevent unknown entity from accessing to the product(More)
Based on the integration research, one multi-dimension integrated mode of CAPP and PDM was proposed including the integration of knowledge store dimension, knowledge transfer dimension and knowledge application dimension. In the integration of knowledge application dimension, an innovated integration method named key control function module was proposed. In(More)
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