Zeo L. Jiang

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Gold(III) has a strong catalytic effect on the slow redox reaction between Ce(IV) and Hg(I) in a sulphuric acid medium at 90 degrees C, and the Ce(IV) unreacted in the catalytic reaction reacts with benzilic acid to form benzophenone that exhibits a sensitive linear scan voltammetric wave at -0.78 V vs. SCE. This provides the basis for a novel and highly(More)
Putting the AgCl nanoparticle as crystal nucleus and in the condition of the existence of tri-sodium citrate, the Ag+, which covers the surface of AgCl nanoparticle, photochemically reduces to Ag and thus Ag/AgCl composite nanoparticle is obtained. The spectroscopic characters of Ag/AgCl nanoparticle in aqueous solution have been studied. There are two(More)
The distribution of the P-M system in four local Drosophila melanogaster populations obtained in southern China has been examined by mating tests. There was no P strain. A HindIII fragment of the P element has been cloned, named as pPH 0.86, and used as probe in this study. The distribution of the P element itself in thirteen local D. melanogaster(More)
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