Zenta Miyashita

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To explore possible robot tasks in daily life, we developed a guide robot for a shopping mall and conducted a field trial with it. The robot was designed to interact naturally with customers and to affectively provide shopping information. It was also designed to repeatedly interact with people to build a rapport; since a shopping mall is a place people(More)
This paper reports our development of a communication robot for use in a shopping mall to provide shopping information, offer route guidance, and build rapport. In the development, the major difficulties included sensing human behaviors, conversation in a noisy daily environment, and the needs of unexpected miscellaneous knowledge in the conversation. We(More)
In the near future, robots are expected to play active roles in human communities. After this time arrives, robots will need to be socially accepted by the people in the communities to which they belong. However, it remains unknown what issues must be resolved to make robots socially accepted. In this paper, we point out the three criteria with which people(More)
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