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In this paper, we comprehensively study the NLOV UV turbulence effect through simulated and experimental results. A Monte Carlo NLOS UV turbulence channel model, which incorporates the effects of multiple scattering and turbulence attenuation, is proposed based on previous work. To validate this model, a series of outdoor experiments is conducted to(More)
In this paper, experimental measurements of path loss and pulse broadening in long-distance non-line-of-sight (N-LOS) ultraviolet (UV) communications are reported and analyzed, with measurements at distances up to 4 km. The comparison of these results with a multiple-scattering channel model based on the Monte Carlo simulation of photon propagation provides(More)
Mixed resolution format plays an important role in 3DTV coding scheme. In recent years, several research works discussed the Super Resolution (SR) problem in Mixed resolution format, where the SR image is created using the up-sampled low resolution (LR) image and the high frequency components borrowed from the adjacent high resolution (HR) warping image.(More)
In this paper, we developed a ranging and communication system for vehicular safety applications. The light-emitting diode (LED) array and photodetector (PD) array serve as the transceiver. The imaging technique is applied to the receiver, which can detect the angle of incident light and imaged different lights to corresponding PDs. Benefiting from this(More)
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