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It has been shown that legume green manures have great potential for replacing a substantial amount of the N fertilizer required for corn (Zea mays L.) production. An experiment was conducted in central Pennsylvania (USA) to study seasonal fluctuation of nitrogen (N) availability in corn with conventional tillage (CT) and no-till (NT) following red clover(More)
The objective of this study was to determine if a re-calibrated version of the computer model NCSWAP (version 36) could accurately predict corn growth and soil N dynamics in conventionally tilled (CT) and no-till (NT) corn supplied with legume green manure or ammonium nitrate as N sources. We also attempted to ascertain the reasons for limitations in the(More)
There are number of users searching for particular information with same topic. Personalized web search helps to improve the excellence of various searches on the Internet. But during searching the search engine may disclose or use user's personal information to improve search performance. We propose a fine tuning in Personalize Web Search system by(More)
The security and trustiness of local grid resources are the preconditions of the security of shared resources in grid. In traditional grid security solutions, trustworthy mechanism is only built between grid users and grid resources, and the security issues of the local resources have not been considered. In the scheme proposed in this paper, the trustiness(More)
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