Zengguo Sun

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In order to model the synthetic aperture radar (SAR) amplitude images as the heavy-tailed Rayleigh distribution, we focus our attention on two questions in this paper. First, based on the negative-order moments, we propose the logarithmic moment estimator and the iterative logarithmic moment estimator to accurately estimate the parameters of the(More)
Positive alpha-stable distribution is used to model the nonnegative quantity with impulsive property. Based on negative-order moments, three methods are used to estimate the parameters of positive alpha-stable distribution in this paper. First, a ratio estimator based on the ratio of negative-order moments is presented whose performance is significantly(More)
The calibration factors of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images are generally obtained by estimation of radar system parameters based on internal calibration and external calibration. In this paper, we propose a simple but efficient method to estimate the calibration factors based on statistical modeling of scattering coefficient. Taking expectation and(More)
This paper proposes a new method to track and measure 3D information of moving object by using two PTZ(Pan-tilt Zoom) cameras. In our 3D measurement method, the optical axis of two PTZ cameras are not required to be parallel or a fixed angle, the 3D information can be measured even though the pan and tilt of two PTZ cameras are changed freely. The SIFT(More)
The log-cumulant estimator is proposed to estimate the parameters of Weibull distribution based on second-kind statistics. With the explicit closed form expressions, the log-cumulant estimator is computationally efficient. Parameter estimation results from Monte Carlo simulation and real synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image demonstrate that the log-cumulant(More)
Heavy-tailed exponential distribution is a direct and necessary extension of the heavy-tailed Rayleigh distribution. First, some basic properties of heavy-tailed exponential distribution are introduced in this paper including the series form of the density function, the heavy-tailed property and the non-existence of finite variance. Second, ratio estimator,(More)
Multiplicative noise makes the interpretation of image extremely difficult, and the fixed-size window filters cannot achieve good trade-off between noise suppression and edge keeping. Based on adaptive windowing and local structure detection, a new filtering algorithm of multiplicative noise is developed in this paper. The sliding window size is(More)
Despite considerable advances made in face recognition in recent years, the recognition performance still suffers from insufficient training samples. Hence, various algorithms have been proposed for addressing the problems of small sample size with dramatic variations in illuminations, poses and facial expressions in face recognition. Among these(More)
Tracking a ballistic re-entry target from radar observations is a highly complex problem in nonlinear filtering. The paper adopts a one-dimensional vertical motion model with unknown ballistic coefficient, we present a square-root quadrature Kalman filter (SRQKF) algorithm for this ballistic target tracking problem. The proposed algorithm is the square-root(More)