Zengfang Zhang

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In a heterogeneous network environment, constructing applications of remote distributed intelligent transportation system (ITS) are faced with complex communication problems proposed by online management, data acquisition and the coordination control of traffic node devices. Therefore, a framework based on SIP/ZigBee architecture is proposed. By using SIP(More)
This paper discusses an approach to multi-document summarization that builds on understanding word as feature deeply. We created 7 basic word features using the frequency, position information, event information and topic information. Then choose logistic regression model to compute words value. The summarizer gives a score of sentence by words value, and(More)
In the paper, support vector machine is presented to detection for vehicle’ s overlap, which has stronger generalization ability than the algorithm based on the empirical risk, such as artificial neural network. In the process of detection for vehicle’ s overlap, principal component analysis is used to extract the features and reduce the(More)
An interactive walkthrough system is designed based on Virtual Reality. The techniques of Virtual Reality Model Language(VRML) and Java are combined in this system, and the virtual scenes and Human-Computer Interaction have been realized. In order to increase the speed of browsing the scenes, some optimal methods have been used in dealing with the model(More)
A progressive image compression approach based on integer wavelet transform (IWT) and grey prediction is proposed. The compression approach is combining the EZW method and a grey prediction to compress images. IWT adopts lifting scheme and the grey prediction is based on the grey theory to further improve the compression rate withou degrading the image(More)
This paper proposes a structure that automatically analyzes the parameters of Chinese test items. This structure utilizes latent semantic analysis (LSA) to analyze the relationships of keywords among all test items in an item bank. It also uses the similarity measure to calculate the similarity degree of keywords. We also propose an algorithm, which is(More)
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