Zeng-lu Wang

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AIM To investigate the protective effects of gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 on acute and chronic gastric ulcers in rats and to compare the results in therapy of human gastric ulcers by different administration methods. METHODS Gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 was administered (initial single or continuous administration) into rats either(More)
B cell activating factor (BAFF) is a cytokine of tumor necrosis factor family mainly produced by monocytes and dendritic cells. BAFF can regulate the proliferation, differentiation, and survival of B lymphocytes by binding with BAFF-R on B cell membrane. Accumulating evidences showed that BAFF played crucial roles and was overexpressed in various autoimmune(More)
Thymosin alpha 1 (T α 1), which is composed of 28 amino acids, has been commercialized worldwide for its immune-modulatory and antitumor effects. T α 1 can stimulate T cell proliferation and differentiation from bone marrow stem cells, augment cell-mediated immune responses, and regulate homeostasis of immune system. In this study, we developed a novel(More)
OBJECTIVE To extract corosolic acid from loquat leaves for medical use. METHODS Loquat leaves were boiled in water to remove the water-soluble substances followed by 3 cycles of extraction with 25% aqueous methanol for 30 min and then by 95% aqueous methanol for 1 h at 80 degrees celsius;. After cooling at room temperature and filtration, the extract was(More)
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