Zeng Xin Wei

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A new kind of two-layer floating tablet for gastric retention (TFTGR) with cisapride as a model drug was developed. The in vitro drug release was determined, and the resultant buoyancy and the time-buoyancy curve were plotted. Because of the sodium bicarbonate added to the floating layer, when immersed in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) the tablet expands and(More)
  • Z X Wei
  • 1989
The present main causes of blindness in China are senile cataract, primary glaucoma' trachoma and corneal infections, and 80% of the blind are over 50 years of age, 75% become blind before 10 or after 50 years of age, and among 40% of the blind, the interval between visual loss in both eyes was over 1 year. The authors are of the opinion that the focus of(More)
We propose two algorithms for nonconvex unconstrained optimization problems that employ Polak-Ribì ere-Polyak conjugate gradient formula and new inexact line search techniques. We show that the new algorithms converge globally if the function to be minimized has Lipschitz continuous gradients. Preliminary numerical results show that the proposed methods for(More)
  • Z H Yu, Z X Wei
  • 1993
A sample of 35,404 people in Yilong Commune, Yian County, Heilongjiang Province, has been under surveillance since 1985 when the primary eye care system was established. In 1985, there were 52 blind people, representing a blindness prevalence of 0.15%; in 1990, the figure was reduced to 44, representing a prevalence of 0.12%. During the 5 years in between,(More)
Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is associated with aggressive behaviour and poor prognosis, but has limited treatment options. To explore novel and effective therapies against TNBC, we retrospectively analyzed the efficacy of neoadjuvant intra-arterial chemotherapy through the superior epigastric artery in the treatment of locally advanced TNBC.(More)
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