Zeng Xiaohui

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BACKGROUND Postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy with capecitabine and oxaliplatin was first recommended for resectable gastric cancer patients in the 2011 Chinese National Comprehensive Cancer Network Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology: Gastric Cancer, but the economic influence of this therapy in China is unknown. OBJECTIVE The aim of the present(More)
An algorithm for path planning based on single vision sensor is put forward for problems in path planning of mobile intelligent robots under uncertain environments. Based on inverse perspective mapping theory, pathways are planned for mobile intelligent robots under uncertain environments according to real-time information single visual sensor captured. The(More)
The blending process is a key link in the production of distilled spirits. Making full use of super calculating and reasoning abilities of digital signal processors, a blending system of distilled spirits is designed which adopts a DSP as its kernel. Meantime, wavelet transform and neural network are introduced in the blending system, which makes blending(More)
The data acquisition system designed in the paper adopts a double CPU construction with DSP and MCU. Data acquisition and control function and data processing and communication function are separate and completed by two units. One unit fulfills the real-time acquisition of signals and the control of periphery actuators. The other unit completes the data(More)
According to the dynamic model of magnetic suspension control systems, H∞ optimizing control algorithm is used in the design of the controller for reducing order in the paper. And then the controller is designed with a DSP as the main core and a MCU as the assistant. Results of experiments show the validity and practicability of the method proposed.
Multi-target tracking is a complex problem including time-varying number of targets and their states in the presence of data association uncertainty and clutter. In this article, we develop a novel implementation of Sequential Monte Carlo filter with a new improved partial resampling strategy in random finite sets framework. This algorithm provides an(More)
In the object identification of mobile robot, the digital signal processor DSP is used as the main central process unit for its high control ability and computing power. Through introducing the rough set theory into the multi-sensor information fusion technology, real-time and fast object identification can be achieved. Results of experiments show the(More)
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