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In this paper, we show how to learn a good similarity metric for SVM classification. We present a novel approach to simultaneously learn a Mahalanobis similarity metric and an SVM classifier. Different from previous approaches, we optimize the Mahalanobis metric directly for minimizing the SVM classification error. Our formulation generalizes the(More)
A recurrent neural network is proposed for solving non-smooth nonlinear programming problems, which can be regarded as a generalization of the smooth nonlinear programming neural network used in (X.B. Gao, 2004). Based on the non-smooth analysis and the theory of differential inclusions, the proposed neural network is demonstrated to be globally convergent(More)
Society is more and more interested in developing mathematical models to assess and forecast the environmental and biological health conditions of our planet. However, most existing models cannot determine the long-range impacts of potential policies without considering the complex global factors and their cross effects in biological systems. In this paper,(More)
In traditional multiple instance learning (MIL), both positive and negative bags are required to learn a prediction function. However, a high human cost is needed to know the label of each bag-positive or negative. Only positive bags contain our focus (positive instances) while negative bags consist of noise or background (negative instances). So we do not(More)