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The switching losses of Active Power Filter ( APF) is one of the important factors that influence the performance-price ratio of APF. In this paper, a novel method is suggested. Under this new method, each phase output reference current of APF is compared to adjust hysteresis of each phase, so that the switching number of the phase that has greater(More)
There is no long-distance 500KV voltage cable operating experience home, in order to better study long-distance 500kV oil-filled undersea cables running electrical performance, this article take measures of the rated current load based on the DC voltage to verify the cable insulation level. As the electric field and charge distribution plays a decisive role(More)
This paper mostly study a 220KV suspension insulator string in the highway district and the highway-farmland district of South China, through periodic sampling of insulator surface dirt, analyzing contamination degree and contamination components on insulators of different topography, taking further analysis of impacts of different contamination components(More)
The establishment of membership function in synthetic evaluation of power quality is taken to discussion. This paper proposes an improved membership function for power quality fuzzy synthetic evaluation. First, the weight of power quality indicators and the confirmation of indicator limit of membership function as well as the division of quality level are(More)
In this paper a novel hysteresis current controller for APF(active power filter) with low switching losses is suggested. The controller adjusts the switching frequency with the output current of APF to reduce the switching losses effectively with the same control precision, utilizing the characteristic of APF that the sum of absolute value of three-phase(More)
Assessment of the risk of damage due to Lightning could provide valuable theoretical reference to determine the level of lightning protection and insulation level for modern architecture and its internal electrical systems and equipments. And it is of great significance to reduce losses caused by disasters of lightning. At the same time, In order to perfect(More)
In order to enhance the ability to anti-pollution flashover, a new measurement taking composite insulators instead of glass insulators is adopted. In order to grasp the impact of flashover features of lightning striking insulators, the mechanism of insulators discharge, contrast level of composites insulators and glass insulators lightning flashover voltage(More)
Analyzing the principle and characteristics of high-pressure sodium lamp (HPSL) systematically, and discussing the changes of its electrical parameters affected by voltage sag have great research value. In this paper, a voltage sag generator developed by ourselves has been used to establish a test platform, and the characteristic performance of the HPSL(More)
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