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Reseach on the Prevention and Treatment of Liquor Starter Pests by Airtight Aluminium Phosphide Fuming
The practice of airtight aluminium phosphide fuming for the prevention and treatment of liquor starter pests in Shaoyang Distillery was introduced in this paper. The process was as follows: 72 hExpand
Comparison of Guangxi Quanzhou Qu and Hunan Pingjiang Qu
The Qu from Guangxi Quanzhou and Hunan Pingjiang were compared in detail,some basic parameters of Qu as media composi- tion,processing technique,species and amount of microorganism,saccharifying andExpand
A Study of Feeding Adjuvant Synergy on AcNPV and Bt
The synergy of honey and cabbage filtrate on Autographa Californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus(AcNPV) and Bacillus thringiensis(Bt) against the larvae of plus agnate was studied and raised the larvae morality. Expand
Comparison of unhusked rice wine of northern hunan with rice wine of middle hunan
With the rice wine, the fermentative process of the unhusked rice wine is more suitable, the distillating way is more scientific and the quality of the pruduction is more stable and the un Husked ricewine isMore suitable to produce in large scale. Expand
On the Management of the Adult Pest
Regard insect hehaviorecology as guidelines,the importance of the adult pest management strategy based the repoduction control,and the possibility of adopting tactics are discussed.
Preparation of Hu’s rice wine with enriched Se
The yeast that Se-rich was used to produce Hu's rice wine was cultured in the culture solution with Na2SeO3 and the best process conditions obtained by orthogonal test is that the adding amount of xiao koji is 0.6% and the fermented time is 4 days. Expand
Using orangeade as main material to produce fermentation wine, the best process conditions determined by orthogonal test is that the additive amount of yeast is 10 %, the additive amount of sucroseExpand
Development of Lactic Acid Beverage with Rosa laevigata Michx.
Rosa laevigata Michx.was used as main material to produce lactic acid beverage,the best fermented conditions determined by orthogonal test is that the additive amount of lactic acid bacteric isExpand
Development of lactic acid beverage with orange juice
Orange juice was used as the main material to produce a lactic acid beverage. The optimal processing conditions determined by the orthogonal test included: the dosage of Lactobacillus 5%,sucroseExpand
Fumigation Activity of Ethylformate Against Cryptolestes Turcicu (Grouville)
The results indicated that the EtF killed the adult weevils in a very short time period, and the fumigation efficacy was better at relatively lower temperature than that at relatively higher temperature. Expand