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Above- and belowground biomass in relation to envi-ronmental factors in temperate grasslands, Inner Mongolia
Above- and belowground biomasses of grasslands are important parameters for characterizing regional and global carbon cycles in grassland ecosystems. Compared with the relatively detailed informationExpand
Besed on the multi temporal landscape remote sensing study in Fenggang Town,Zhujiang River Delta.The analyzed the relations between transforming activities and landscape elements.A spatial Expand
Landscape ecological risk assessment of Chinese coastal cities based on land use change
Abstract The high population density and rapid urban expansion in China's coastal areas have significantly changed the land-use structure and regional landscape pattern, causing a series ofExpand
The Study of An Assessment of Land Use Security in Mining Area——A case study of Wu’an in China
This study developed a conceptual framework of assessment index system of land use security pattern in mining area, "pressure - state - response" model (PSR). Expand
Dynamic analysis of urban landscape using a modified conversion matrix method:A case study in Nanchang City
In this paper, we used TM satellite images of Nanchang City from five different periods between 1988 and 2000 to conduct a dynamic urban landscape analysis. Using a modified conversion matrix method,Expand
The relationship between economic growth and urban land ecological security based on the model of the EKC
The purpose of this study is to do a comparative study of relationship between land ecological security value and economic growth in six cities based on the model of the EKC curve.Case cities wereExpand
The effect of cisplatin and transplatin on the conformation and association of F‐actin.
The effects of cisplatin and transplatin on the conformation and association of F‐actin were studied by ESR, turbidimetry and CD measurement. The results indicate that the major component affectingExpand
Effect of Chlorine-Containing Compounds on Evaporation of Heavy Metals in Secondary Gasification of Fly Ash from Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator
The experiment aims to investigate the influence of chlorination agents(NaCl,CaCl2,and FeCl3) on volatilization of heavy metals in fly ash from a Shenzhen municipal solid waste incinerator(MSWI)Expand
Study on Fish Species Composition and Seasonal Variation in the Shallow Waters of Jiaozhou Bay
Fish samples taken from March 2009 to February 2010 with set net in the shallow waters of Jiaozhou Bay were analyzed.The results showed that there were 44 species of fishes(young of the year) in thisExpand