Zeng Chenhui

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Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) approach based on Physics-of-Failure (POF) builds a close relationship between the reliability and physical structure of products. It enables the assessment and prediction of reliability under actual loading conditions and helps to solve the underlying reliability design problems of electronic products, thus how to(More)
In this paper, we established the finite element model of an O-ring in the actuator cylinder of a certain aircraft landing gear in order to analyze the O-ring's Von Mises stress and contact stress and to compute its wear longevity. The contact mechanics characteristic of the O-ring under working status is simulated through the ABUQUS. We adopt the(More)
With the continuous development of integrated circuits and the reliability problem of integrated circuits caused by electromigration increasingly protruding, electromigration has become one of the most lasting and important challenges. In this paper, we put forward a new method of electromigration failure analysis based on simulation technology. Through(More)
The system functions increasingly day by day which resulting in augmenting of complexity, and system reliability and complexity were closely related by the system functions. On the one hand, reliability is the ability of the system which was required to achieve multiple functions to maintain functionality. And there is uncertainty in the process of(More)
In recent years the turbine blades of air cycle machine in MA60 often damaged. In order to analyze the fatigue life of the turbine blade in the high speed rotating air cycle machine, we establish the fluid-solid coupling model of turbine blades. Through the FSI module in ANSYS workbench, the result of fluid field is introduced into the solid domain, by the(More)
3-D finite element models of SOP (Small Outline Package) were constructed, in which Anand visco-plasticity constitutive equation was used to describe the mechanic behavior of solder joint. The solder joint deformation and stress distribution with five kinds of lead shapes were researched. The experimental program for the identification of numeri3cal(More)
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