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Research progress of round bale silage technology.
Round bale silage was an advanced technology of silage modulation.The harvested fresh grass was bound to a high density bale with banding machine,and then wrapped the bale with the professionalExpand
Blackout in Brazil Power Grid on February 4,2011 and Inspirations for Stable Operation of Power Grid
On February 4,2011,a wide spread electrical blackout occurred in Northeast Brazil power grid.The accident spread 8 states,and about 40 million people were involved.The pre-faultExpand
Experimental study on the biocompatibility of small intestinal submucosa with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Objective To investigate the biocompatibility of small intestinal submucosa (SIS) with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell (BMSCs) and to explore the possibility to construct tissue engineering boneExpand
Genetic variation of Dactylis glomerata germplasm from Southwest China detected by SSR markers.
Simple sequence repeat(SSR) molecular markers were applied to detect the genetic variation of 110 individuals of 11 Dactylis glomerata accessions from Southwest China showing a geographical distribution of genetic diversity of the tested materials. Expand
Comparison on Seed Production of Various Orchardgrass
The orchardgrass 01076 had the highest seed production, up to 512 kg/hm2, and its germinability, germination rate and germination index were also highest, 49%, 84% and 11, respectively. Expand
Research on Application of GPS in Information Security Domain
The safety and the controllability of equipments and information in complicated circumstance can be realized by using location information based on GPS encryption, and some problems, unsolved by common encryption, can be solved now by this method. Expand
A Remote Training System of Hydropower Plant Based on Interactive Virtual Environments
Based on conclusion of difficulty and problems of hydropower plant training and the latest information techniques, the architecture of an interactive virtual environments based remote training systemExpand
Prediction Model for Dissolved Gas Concentration in Transformer Oil Based on Modified Grey Wolf Optimizer and LSSVM with Grey Relational Analysis and Empirical Mode Decomposition
Oil-immersed transformer is one of the most important components in the power system. The dissolved gas concentration prediction in oil is vital for early incipient fault detection of transformer. InExpand
Exploration and Practice of Constructi on in Engineering Graphics Laboratory
The paper analyzes the background of school's development and c onstru ction,combing with the characteristics of experimental teaching of engineering c artography, introduces some actual ways onExpand