Zena Miscony

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1. The pharmacology of the slow afterhyperpolarization (sAHP) was studied in cultured rat hippocampal pyramidal neurones. 2. Clotrimazole, its in vivo metabolite, 2-chlorophenyl-bisphenyl-methanol (CBM) and the novel analogues, UCL 1880 and UCL 2027, inhibited the sI(AHP) with similar IC50s (1-2 microM). 3. Clotrimazole and CBM also inhibited the high(More)
A series of novel aromatic tritylamino heterocycles has been synthesized and the compounds have been tested in comparison with clotrimazole for their ability to inhibit the slow afterhyperpolarization current (sI (AHP)) in cultured rat hippocampal pyramidal neurones. Some analogues of the clotrimazole metabolite, 2-chlorophenyl-diphenyl methanol, having(More)
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