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The antiproliferative activity of previously synthesized (Z)-cholest-4-en-6-one oxime (1), (E)-cholest-4-en-6-one oxime (2), 7-aza-B-homocholest-4-en-6-one (3) and 6-aza-B-homocholest-4-en-7-one (4) and newly synthesized 6-thioxo-7-aza-B-homocholest-4-ene (5) and 6-aza-7-thioxo-B-homocholest-4-ene (6) was tested for their possible effects against two human(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the basis for anti-tumor immune reactivity observed in patients with human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER-2) (3+) breast carcinoma using an in vitro model in which the role of the HER-2-specific monoclonal antibody Herceptin was also investigated. Patients with metastatic breast cancer who had their primary(More)
The reactivity, cytotoxic studies and hydrolytic behaviour of diamine bis(phenolate) titanium complexes are reported. The reactions of [Ti((tBu2)O2NN')Cl]2(μ-O) (1) with LiO(I)Pr or HO(I)Pr in the presence of NEt3, aiming at the synthesis of the alkoxido derivative of 1 led to no reaction or to the synthesis of the monomeric complex(More)
A simple approach to a stable steroidal estrone derived A,B-spiro system is reported. Treatment of estrone derived A-ring diepoxyalcohol with the Ac(2)O-TMSOTf system at the ambient temperature led to acetylation, while at the reflux temperature the acid-catalysed rearrangement took place affording the spiro-compound. Results of extensive in vitro and in(More)
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