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A new objective, full-reference metrics of image quality is proposed in this paper. It should match perceptual (subjective) image quality assessment in a better way. The proposed method consists of two quality measures which separately indicate image quality on edges and in texture areas which are calculated in a three-step algorithm. The “soft mask” is(More)
This paper describes the optimization of VP6 decoder for the MIPS based architectures. Programming languages C and inline assembler for the MIPS32 architecture were used. VP6 decoder with the main features is described, as well as MIPS processor and opportunities it offers. Profiling was performed for two data sets, and on the basis of these results(More)
Fast Fourier Transform represents a canonical example of DSP algorithm since it is in some form present in virtually every signal processing application. While most DSP platforms, based on the classical Harvard architecture, tend to prefer fixed-radix FFT algorithms due to their regular structure, general purpose platforms may benefit more from advanced FFT(More)
The aim of this study is to present the steps of optimization the H.264/AVC video decoder for MIPS32 DSP ASE SIMD (Single-instruction, multiple-data) processor architecture. In particular, SIMD architecture can be very efficient in the implementation of video applications which have simple operations on 8-bit or 16-bit samples. Besides already mentioned(More)
In this paper we propose a programming environment that aim to enable fast development and implementation of algorithms for digital signal processing on embedded devices. This approach has been verified in education of digital signal processing.
This paper describes experience and lessons learned from teaching introductory Digital Signal Processing course as a part of Computer Engineering curricula using C based laboratory exercises. Matlab based laboratory exercises are substituted with a series of hands-on experiments which include implementation of signal processing algorithms using programing(More)
The modern multimedia devices require ever increasing processing power, which is to some extent limited, and to optimize the code to execute in real-time. This paper describes the optimization methods for VP8 decoder for processing video signals based on the MIPS32 architecture. Finally, the execution time was measured for the decoder with data set,(More)
The aim of this paper is to provide software for educational purposes in the field of digital signal processing. This paper presents the implementation of the programming environment for graphical analysis of the audio signal. The environment is verified at E2LP platform and as part of the laboratory exercises.
In this paper we propose a novel image interpolation algorithm which preserves edges and keeps a natural texture of interpolated images. The algorithm is based on an idea that only pixels that belong to the same side of an edge should be used in interpolation of pixels that belong to an edge. Beside similarity-based separation of known interpolation pixels(More)
In this paper we propose image reformatting algorithm with variable factor. This algorithm extends bilinear interpolation method with detection of local edges and their type in order to preserve sharpness of reformatted image. Proposed algorithm is implemented on embedded, multi-core microprocessor architecture allowing real-time image reformatting on(More)
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