Zeljko Kojadinović

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BACKGROUND Numerous studies with conflicting results have tried to prove the influence of seasonal variations or different meteorological factors on the occurrence of aneurysmal subarachnoidal hemorrhage (SAH). The aim of this study was to establish a mathematical model of a series of aneurysmal rupture dates in different patients and verify a temporal(More)
BACKGROUND Currently there are a few scoring systems for malignant astrocytoma, but they are not widely accepted. The aim of this study was to create a scoring system for supratentorial malignant astrocytoma, which could be used in both developed and developing societies. METHODS This study was performed in 128 patients who had supratentorial malignant(More)
UNLABELLED To establish the possibilities of functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) in the assesment of preservation of the motor and speech brain functions in the primary brain tumour patients planed for neurosurgery. METHODS AND MATERIAL fMRI of motor and/or speech areas was performed on 3T MRI unit in 17 patients with primary brain tumours and dominant(More)
INTRODUCTION Traumatic brain injuries have major socio-economic importance due to their frequency, high mortality and serious consequences. According to their nature the consequences of these injuries may be classified as neurological, psychiatric and esthetic. Various lesions of brain structures cause neurological consequences such as disturbance of motor(More)
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