Zeljko Ivanovic

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The analytical expressions for boost converter loss are presented in this paper. All significant sources of conduction and dynamic losses within the converter elements, including losses in choke magnetic material and switching losses which occur due to diode recovery time, are discussed. Sources of losses in continuous and discontinuous current mode of(More)
—Implementation of a method for efficiency optimization of boost converter in wind turbine with permanent magnet generator is described in this paper. This method is based on variable switching frequency technique suitable in conditions when input power of the converter is less than rated. The proposed concept is verified through computer simulation of the(More)
This paper deals with fuzzy logic control of induction generator in wind turbine application in order to extract maximum power from the wind. Fully-controlled wind turbine consists of induction generator and back-to-back converter which is used to maximize the power output and enhance system performance. The advantages of using fuzzy controller are(More)
Ethernet Powerlink (EPL) is an industrial Ethernet networking solution commonly used as a communication network in distributed control and automation systems ranging from simple I/O to highly complex motion control applications. The PollResponse Chaining (PRC) mechanism is a new EPL standard feature aimed at increasing the network performance when nodes(More)
The configuration of industrial networks is a very challenging task, especially when complex network structures with a large number of devices and stringent real-time constraints are used. This paper presents a software tool for efficient configuration of EtherCAT networks. The software tool has been tested for different scenarios on real network setup and(More)
In this paper, an algorithm based on the technique of variable switching frequency is applied, so that working point of boost converter is at the boundary between continuous and discontinuous working mode aiming at achieving maximum efficiency of the converter. Controller is based on variable switching frequency and measuring the voltage on the main(More)