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In Information Retrieval a lot of work and effort was put into the exploitation of textual information. Alternative approaches like citation search strategies make use of structural information that can be found in digital libraries or scientific information systems. One dataset containing structural information and everything needed for an IR evaluation is(More)
The paper introduces simple bibliometric-enhanced search facilities which are derived from the famous stratagems by Bates. Moves, tactics and stratagems are revisited from a Digital Library perspective. The potential of extended versions of ”journal run” or ”citation search” for interactive information retrieval is outlined. The authors elaborate on the(More)
In this paper, we present our contribution to the Linked Data Mining Challenge 2015. Our approach predicts the review class of movies using external data from the Open Movie Database API (OMDb-API). We select specific features, such as movie ratings and box office, that are very likely to describe the quality of a movie. With RapidMiner we utilize these(More)
Recommender-system datasets are used for recommender-system offline evaluations, training machine-learning algorithms, and exploring user behavior. While there are many datasets for recommender systems in the domains of movies, books, and music, there are rather few datasets from research-paper recommender systems. In this paper, we introduce RARD, the(More)
Introduction Recommender systems in search systems are an established way of pointing the user to related content. Commercial companies like Amazon have been using recommendations for a while by showing the user products related to their current search context or usage behaviour. In digital libraries recommendations can be valuable for researchers, e.g.(More)
In this paper, we present an approach for analyzing the behaviour of editors in the large current awareness service “NEP: New Economics Papers”. We processed data from more than 38,000 issues derived from 90 different NEP reports over the past ten years. The aim of our analysis was to gain an inside to the editor behaviour when creating an issue and to look(More)
In this paper, we present the results of a user study on exploratory search activities in a social science digital library. We conducted a user study with 32 participants with a social sciences background—16 postdoctoral researchers and 16 students—who were asked to solve a task on searching related work to a given topic. The exploratory search task was(More)
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