Zekiye Suludere

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We report the preparation and characterization of spherical core-shell structured Fe3O4-Au magnetic nanoparticles, modified with two component self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) consisting of 3-mercaptophenylboronic acid (3-MBA) and 1-decanethiol (1-DT). The rapid and room temperature synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles was achieved using the hydroxylamine(More)
OBJECTIVES Periodontal therapy is one of the etiological factors of dentine hypersensitivity (DH). This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of %8Arginine-CaCO₃ on DH that affects patients after periodontal treatment. STUDY DESIGN Seventy-one teeth from the volunteers (n=36) with history of DH caused by periodontal therapy were included in this study, and(More)
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