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This paper describes the design of the Fortran90D/HPF compiler, a source-to-source parallel compiler for distributed memory systems being developed at Syracuse University. Fortran 90D/HPF is a data parallel language with special directives to specify data alignment and distributions. A systematic methodology to process distribution directives of Fortran(More)
90D\HPF is a data parallel lanquage w~ih speczal directives to enable users to spectfy data a[ign ment and distributions. This paper describes the design and implementation of a Fortran!)ODjHPF compiler. Techniques for data and computation partitioning, communication detect ton and generation, and the run-ttme support for the compiler are dtscussed.(More)
This paper describes a compilation approach for a Fortran 90D/HPF compiler, a source-to-source parallel compiler for distributed memory systems. Diierent from Fortran 77 parallelizing compilers, a Fortran90D/HPF compiler does not parallelize sequential constructs. Only par-allelism expressed by Fortran 90D/HPF parallel constructs is exploited. The methodoly(More)
Data Partitioning and mapping is one of the most important steps of in writing a parallel program; especially data parallel one. Recently, Fortran D, and subsequently, High Performance Fortran (HPF) have been proposed to allow users to specify data distributions and alignments for arrays in programs. This paper presents the design of a Fortran 90D compiler(More)
We are developing a Fortran 90D compiler, which converts Fortran 90D code into Fortran 77 plus message passing node programs for distributed memory machines. This paper presents the implementation and performance results of Fortran 90D intrinsic functions on the Intel iPSC/860 hypercube. Our implementation is portable and scalable.