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This paper presents a triple diagram method (TDM) based on the Kriging technique for predicting future lake levels from two antecedent measurements, which are considered as independent variables. The experimental semivariograms (SV) for three lags are obtained, and the most suitable theoretical SV for the three cases is the Gaussian type. Based on these(More)
The runoff coefficient, the ratio of total streamflow volume to the total precipitation over a certain area and time, plays a fundamental role in the planning, design and operation of water resources tn a catchment. Most often its long-term global value, especially on an annual basis, ts presented either in a tabular form as a function of vegetation cover,(More)
Scientific consequences are dependent on premisses that are logical propositions of the phenomena concerned. Propositions are verbal and linguistic statements, and at the initial philosophical thinking stage they all include vaguneness and imprecision. As more scientific evidence becomes available either rationally or empirically proposition validity degree(More)
2 PREFACE Turkey is a mountainous country which includes 4 different climate sturucture and due to these special features, an enhanced Bayesian Algorithm is employed in the processing schedula of the project. This algorithm is developed based on Cloud-Radiation Database (CDR) from 14 rainy cases by Dr. and raingauge data collection, assessment and(More)
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