Zejian Zhang

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CA-125, the most frequently used biomarker for ovarian cancer detection, cannot provide accurate diagnosis due to its poor specificity as it may also increase in many benign gynecological conditions. Thus, reducing the false-positive outcomes is urgently needed. Decrease in terminal galactosylated N-glycans of serum IgG has been found in various(More)
Generally, most of ovarian cancer cannot be detected until large scale and remote metastasis occurs, which is the major cause of high mortality in ovarian cancer. Therefore, it is urgent to discover metastasis-related biomarkers for the detection of ovarian cancer in its occult metastasis stage. Altered glycosylation is a universal feature of malignancy and(More)
Study samples Serum samples (including three groups: healthy controls, patients with non-malignant diseases, patients with cancer) from three hospitals of China were consecutively collected participants were defined as healthy cases, patients with non-malignant diseases and patients with cancer by medical doctors according to eligibility criteria. Patients(More)
Purpose: Gastric cancer (GC), one of the world's top five most common cancers, is the third leading cause of cancer related death. It is urgent to identify non-invasive biomarkers for GC. The objective of our study was to find out non-invasive biomarkers for early detection and surveillance of GC based on glycomic analysis. Method: Ethyl esterification(More)
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