Zeinab Sadjadi

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We theoretically study the transport properties of self-propelled particles on complex structures, such as motor proteins on filament networks. A general master equation formalism is developed to investigate the persistent motion of individual random walkers, which enables us to identify the contributions of key parameters: the motor processivity, and the(More)
We present a scaling theory for the long time behavior of spontaneous imbibition in porous media consisting of interconnected pores with a large length-to-width ratio. At pore junctions, the meniscus propagation in one or more branches can come to a halt when the Laplace pressure of the meniscus exceeds the hydrostatic pressure within the junction. We(More)
During spontaneous imbibition, a wetting liquid is drawn into a porous medium by capillary forces. In systems with comparable pore length and diameter, such as paper and sand, the front of the propagating liquid forms a continuous interface. Sections of this interface advance in a highly correlated manner due to an effective surface tension, which restricts(More)
We study photon diffusion in a two-dimensional random packing of monodisperse disks as a simple model of granular material. We apply ray optics approximation to set up a persistent random walk for the photons. We employ Fresnel's intensity reflectance with its rich dependence on the incidence angle and polarization state of the light. We present an analytic(More)
The capillary rise of liquid in asymmetric channel junctions with branches of different radii can lead to long-lasting meniscus arrests in the wider channel, which has important implications for the morphology and dynamical broadening of imbibition fronts in porous materials with elongated pores. Using a microfluidic setup, we experimentally demonstrate the(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to develop an instrument measuring core concerns about dental treatment guided by Reiss' expectancy theory of fear. This would include the content domains of injury, somatic reaction and interpersonal concerns, to study the underlying factorial structure, and to determine the test quality of the resulting subscales. (More)
Recently, anomalous scaling properties of front broadening during spontaneous imbibition of water in Vycor glass, a nanoporous medium, were reported: the mean height and the width of the propagating front increase with time t both proportional to t(1/2). Here, we propose a simple lattice imbibition model and elucidate quantitatively how the correlation(More)
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