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A Longitudinal Analysis of Bug Handling Across Eclipse Releases
The results reveal that Eclipse bug handling activity is improving over time, with an important decrease in the number of reported bugs before releases, an increase in the bug fixing rate and an increasingly balanced bug handling workload before and after releases.
Does the duration of rapid release cycles affect the bug handling activity?
The results suggest that the duration of fast release cycles does not seem to impact bug handling activity, and the effect of the variability of cycle durations on bug fixing.
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Studying the Impact of Policy Changes on Bug Handling Performance
The main goal is to investigate the impact of changes in the development policies and supporting tools impact the bug handling process performance, and is conducting empirical studies on large and long-lived open source software projects.
The General Index of Software Engineering Papers
The General Index of Software Engineering Papers, a dataset of fulltext-indexed papers from the most prominent scientific venues, allows to introspect the output of software engineering research even when access to papers or scholarly search engines is not possible (e.g., due to contractual reasons).