Zeina H Jarikji

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Mutations in rfx6 were recently associated with Mitchell-Riley syndrome, which involves neonatal diabetes, and other digestive system defects. To better define the function of Rfx6 in early endoderm development we cloned the Xenopus homologue. Expression of rfx6 begins early, showing broad expression throughout the anterior endoderm; at later stages rfx6(More)
Determining the functional attributes of pancreatic transcription factors is essential to understand how the pancreas is specified distinct from other endodermal organs, such as liver, stomach and duodenum, and to direct the differentiation of other cell types into pancreas. Previously, we demonstrated that Pdx1-VP16 was sufficient to convert liver to(More)
During embryogenesis, the pancreas develops from separate dorsal and ventral buds, which fuse to form the mature pancreas. Little is known about the functional differences between these two buds or the relative contribution of cells derived from each region to the pancreas after fusion. To follow the fate of dorsal or ventral bud derived cells in the(More)
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