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By combining the unique features of the quantum cutting luminescence and long persistent luminescence, we design a new concept called "near-infrared quantum cutting long persistent luminescence (NQPL)", which makes it possible for us to obtain highly efficient (>100%) near-infrared long persistent luminescence in theory. Guided by the NQPL concept, we(More)
Here we report the observation of near-infrared persistent luminescence (NIR PersL) of Yb3+ in perovskite CaTiO3. Sensitized by the Bi3+ codopants, it exhibits intense NIR PersL of Yb3+ at about 1000 nm. In addition, this phosphor can be excited by the near ultraviolet and even visible light, and the PersL signals can be recorded for more than 80 h. The(More)
Un-doped Sr3Al2OCl2 material is synthesized by conventional solid state method in reducing atmosphere. It shows intense photostimulated luminescence and the emission band of spectrum covers in 420-800 nm under infrared laser (980 nm) stimulation. Both the emission centers and traps are related to oxygen-deficient defects. Moreover, thermoluminescence(More)
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