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http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2013.12.004 1389-1286/ 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 6467094105. E-mail addresses: guolizihao@hotmail.com (Z. Guo), msu01@students. poly.edu (M. Su), yangxu@poly.edu (Y. Xu), zhemind@nwpu.edu.cn (Z. Duan), lwang12@students.poly.edu (L. Wang), shufeng.hui@nyu.edu (S. Hui), chao@(More)
The ever-increasing operational cost of geographically distributed datacenters has become a critical issue for cloud service providers. In order to cut the electricity cost of geographically distributed datacenters, several workload management schemes have been proposed, such as Electricity price-aware InteR-datacenter load balancing (EIR), which reduces(More)
We address the problem of performing silent speech recognition where vocalized audio is not available (e.g. due to a user's medical condition) or is highly noisy (e.g. during firefighting or combat). We describe our wearable system to capture tongue and jaw movements during silent speech. The system has two components: the Tongue Magnet Interface (TMI),(More)
The Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations (FIDO) project in the Animal Interaction Lab at Georgia Tech aims to facilitate communication between working dogs and their handlers. Here, the authors discuss their research on testing a working dog's ability to perform distinct tasks in response to vibrations at different points on their body.
The human ear seems to be a rigid anatomical part with no apparent activity, yet many facial and body activity can be measured from it. Research apparatuses and commercial products have demonstrated the capability of monitoring hart rate, tongue activities, jaw motion and eye blinking from the ear. In this paper we describe the design and the implementation(More)
This letter proposes a smart interand intradatacenter workload dispatching scheme, Joint Electricity priceaware and Cooling efficiency-aware load balancing (JEC), to cut the electricity cost of distributed datacenters. Evaluation shows JEC outperforms existing schemes and achieves significant reduction on the total electricity cost of distributed(More)
Power-efficient Data Center Networks (DCNs) have been proposed to save power of DCNs using OpenFlow. In these DCNs, the OpenFlow controller adaptively turns on and off links and OpenFlow switches to form a minimum-power subnet that satisfies traffic demand. As the subnet changes, flows are scheduled dynamically to routes composed of active switches and(More)
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) allows flexible and efficient management of networks. However, the limited capacity of flow tables in SDN switches hinders the deployment of SDN. In this paper, we propose a novel routing scheme to improve the efficiency of flow tables in SDNs. To efficiently use the routing scheme, we formulate an optimization problem with(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the literature on power frequency electric field testing data and to propose views and suggestions for current testing. METHODS The literature on power frequency electric field testing data published in the previous years was searched to identify 306 articles involving 193 valid testing data. Mann-Whitney test and Wilcoxon W test were(More)