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Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) provide realization of applications which is usable everywhere and address to many fields like mobile health care, environmental surveillance and traffic monitoring. Amount of data causes to traffic in memory resources, difficulties in operation, and excessive power consumption - which is the most important one-(More)
The computer science students mostly face with the difficulties in learning the topics of algorithms courses. Only listening the topic from the teacher or just writing makes the learning volatile. Instead of listening or writing, if there is something visual, it would be more permanent to learn because visuality increases the learning potential and the time(More)
Network education given in the universities and in the other education areas constitutes the backbone of computer science. This education is provided not only in theoretical form but also in the practical way. Since it is hard to settle some information of computer networks in learners' mind practices are the necessary activities of learning process. As the(More)
Pointers are one of the most difficult to understand topics in programming courses. Since the topic is some virtual, the students of computer science face with difficulties in understanding. They hardly imagine the addresses of memory cells, their contents, and the pointers pointing to those memory cells. To test the knowledge and to reinforce the(More)
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