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Even though preoperative marking of the stoma area is considered important for the prevention of postoperative complications, not all healthcare institutions have universally adopted this practice. A multicenter, retrospective, descriptive study was conducted to determine the effect of stoma site marking on stomal and peristomal complications. The 1-year(More)
Colostomy irrigation (CI) is a bowel management method in individuals with permanent colostomy, as an alternative to pouch use, which may provide continence. CI helps the individuals with an artificial stoma to adjust to the stoma and may increase their quality of life (QOL). An uncontrolled intestinal gas discharge invalidates ablution, and noisy gas(More)
BACKGROUND The development of a profession's autonomy closely relates to that profession's level of autonomy in performing its specific role. For the nursing profession, this key role is nursing care. OBJECTIVES This study was undertaken to evaluate the professional autonomy of nurses in care provision, from an ethical perspective. RESEARCH DESIGN A(More)
BACKGROUND Basic psychomotor skill training starts in the first year in nursing education. The psychomotor skills taught in the first year of nursing training constitute a foundation for all professional practices. Conducting periodic training for skills with which students are deficient can support mastery learning. OBJECTIVES The study was conducted as(More)
BACKGROUND Moral sensitivity is a life-long cognitive ability. It is expected that nurses who work in a professional purpose at "curing human beings" should have a highly developed moral sensitivity. The general opinion is that ethics education plays a significant role in this sense to enhance the moral sensitivity in terms of nurses' professional behaviors(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of applying manual pressure before intramuscular injection and compare it with the standard injection technique in terms of reducing the young adult student's postinjection pain. BACKGROUND The administration of intramuscular injections is a procedure performed by nurses and one that causes anxiety and pain for(More)
Patients with a stoma undergo physiological, psychological, and social adjustment to their new life situation. A descriptive, prospective study was conducted to assess adaptation among patients >18 years of age with a new temporary or permanent colostomy or ileostomy living in Turkey and receiving care at a participating stomatherapy unit. The study took(More)
BACKGROUND The acquisition of cognitive, affective and psychomotor knowledge and skills are required in nursing, made possible via an interactive teaching method, such as simulation. OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN This study conducted to identify the impact of simulation on first-year nursing students' ability to learn vital signs. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A(More)
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