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Financial engineering such as trading decision is an emerging research area and also has great commercial potentials. A successful stock buying/selling generally occurs near price trend turning point. Traditional technical analysis relies on some statistics (i.e. technical indicators) to predict turning point of the trend. However, these indicators can not(More)
Stock trading system to assist decision-making is an emerging research area and has great commercial potentials. Successful trading operations should occur near the reversal points of price trends. Traditional technical analysis, which usually appears as various trading rules, does aim to look for peaks and bottoms of trends and is widely used in stock(More)
The synergy effect's benefit is widely accepted. The object of this paper is to investigate whether a hybrid approach combining different stock prediction approaches together can dramatically outperform the single approach and compare the performance of different hybrid approaches. The hybrid model includes three well-researched algorithms: back propagation(More)
The stock market is considered as a high complex and dynamic system. Many machine learning and data mining technologies are used for stock analysis, but it still leaves an open question about how to integrate these methods with the plentiful knowledge and techniques accumulated in stock investment which are critical to the successful stock analysis. In this(More)