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Limitations of Movement: The Establishment of Gendarmerie Forces and Customs Controls
This chapter discusses the establishment of gendarmerie forces and a passport regime in the 1810s and customs controls in the 1830s, as means to demarcate the territory. It explains the rationale ofExpand
Regionalism and Nationalism in the Railway Cartography of Mid-Nineteenth Century Germany
Abstract This article concerns German railway cartography in the mid-nineteenth century and its effects on spatio-political perceptions. The evolution of a railway system in Germany, from isolatedExpand
Defining a ‘National’ Territory: Cartography and the Invention of Logos
The cartographic naturalization of the state territory requires a formation of a distinct visual image that can be detached from its spatial context. Maps create logos by reinstating and replicatingExpand
Communication and State Construction: The Postal Service in German States, 1815–1866
  • Zef M. Segal
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Interdisciplinary History
  • 26 February 2014
A comparison between five nineteenth-century German states demonstrates the importance of postal systems for nation-building and nationalism. Prior to the formal unification of Germany under EmperorExpand
The Delimitation of Transnational Societies: Mass Migration and Foreign Students
This chapter discusses two types of migration in the German world: mass emigration, primarily toward America and the migration of foreign students who studied in the various German states. MigrationExpand
Motivating Movement: Developing a State-Oriented Higher Education System
This chapter analyzes the increasing unifying role of education and the attempts of state authorities to control the geography of higher education. The study of educational infrastructures revealsExpand
Routes of Mass Movement: Postal and Railway Infrastructures
Nineteenth-century communication and transportation technologies and infrastructures revolutionized the way people perceived space and spatial ties. The new postal systems, steamships, railway lines,Expand