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Rupture of the sinus of valsalva (RSOV) is an uncommon condition with a variety of manifestations ranging from an asymptomatic murmur to cardiogenic shock. This retrospective 10-year review (1985-1995) of 18 patients from a single institution revealed that 6 (33%) were female and 12 (67%) were male with a mean age of 37.6 +/- 13.4 years and that 72% were(More)
INTRODUCTION Isolated non-compaction of ventricular myocardium (INVM) is a rare disorder of myocardial morphogenesis in the absence of other cardiac anomalies. Both sporadic and sex-linked recessive forms have been described. It can be identified with two-dimensional echocardiography. CLINICAL PICTURE We report a series of 3 cases of adult males with INVM(More)
BACKGROUND It remains controversial whether diabetes is associated with an increased risk of restenosis after intracoronary stenting. METHODS AND RESULTS We selected 42 diabetic patients and an equal number of nondiabetic patients with follow-up angiographic restudy after single-vessel stenting, matched for 4 important stent-related and angiographic(More)
Immediate and midterm results of 61 NIR stent placement attempts in 55 native coronary vessels in 52 patients demonstrate a high clinical success rate of 98%, no early stent thrombosis, and a 5-month angiographic restenosis rate of 23%. The frequency of in-stent restenosis was significantly heightened in small vessel sizes and in diabetic patients.
The 5-month angiographic in-stent restenosis rate did not differ between patients with chronic total occlusions (n = 43) and subtotal stenoses (n = 43) equally matched for diabetes status, exact stent design, final expanded stent diameter, stent length, and residual percent diameter stenosis after stent placement; it was 32.5% and 27.9% for those with(More)
An unusual case of chronic myeloid leukemia presenting to the gynecological unit as a case of septic abortion is presented. Though history and clinical examination suggested the possibility of double pathology of septic abortion and chronic myeloid leukemia, histology of the products removed from the uterus showed it to be leukemic deposits. The diagnosis(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the early and late outcomes of primary percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) with fibrinolytic treatment among diabetic patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI). DESIGN Retrospective observational study with data obtained from prospective registries. SETTING Tertiary cardiovascular institution with 24 hour(More)
Transoesophageal echocardiography (TEE) has earned an important role in the evaluation of patients with cardiovascular diseases. We report our TEE experience in 901 patients who had suboptimal transthoracic echocardiographic studies performed between September 1989 and June 1993. The patient-population consisted of 459 females and 442 males, with an ethnic(More)
Different stent designs have widely disparate characteristics that may exert a positive or negative impact on their early and mid-term outcomes. The MultiLink stent (Guidant/Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Santa Clara, CA) is a new coronary stent with only very limited data. In this report, we examined the results of 50 consecutive patients treated with 57(More)
INTRODUCTION The study aims to show that total knee arthroplasty using computer-assisted surgical navigation without intramedullary rodding is safer than conventional intramedullary techniques in preventing venous thromboembolism. METHODS 30 patients were grouped into groups of 10. Groups A and B had conventional intramedullary rodding of the femur and/or(More)